Kiwanis Club

Vidalia, GA          Organized in 1919, Chartered in 1921
President, Howard Hill - Vice President, Susan Braddy - Secretary, Wesley Luhn - President Elect, Tom Peterson IV - Treasurer, Nina Thompson

P.O. Box 1183 • Vidalia, GA 30475         Meeting Place: Captains Corner Restaurant, Tuesday at 12 Noon

Our motto: Serving the children of the world


Dear Fellow Kiwanians and Friends

The Kiwanis Club of Vidalia has a rich history of service for the Vidalia area as well as locations too far numbered to mention. Recently, the Kiwanis Club of Vidalia celebrated its 80th Birthday. During this celebration we heard from several long time members about past happenings and goals that the club set from the beginning. The Kiwanis motto is "We Build" and that in fact has been our call to service. The early years of the Kiwanis Club saw as its mission to provide a sewerage system for the City of Vidalia, and through its efforts effectively accomplished this task. This is just one example of the many things that Kiwanis has built in our community. Not only have we built physical items such as the one mentioned above and the Boy Scout Hut for Boy Scout Troop#933, we have built community leaders and citizens as well. Currently sponsoring five youth service clubs we are building our tomorrow. These clubs include Key Clubs at Vidalia High School, Toombs County High School and Robert Toombs Christian Academy; a Builders Club at J.R. Trippe Junior High School and a Circle K Club at Brewton-Parker College in Mt. Vernon-Ailey.    

Each President over the years has created a motto of their own to denote the goals they have set personally for our club during their term of office. I have chosen "Make It Count". It seems lives have grown so busy that many things we enjoy and receive great personal satisfaction from are left out in our daily lives. Each moment I have have spent in the Kiwanis Club of Vidalia has brought a sense of pride in the accomplishments for our community health and well-being. I feel that my time spent in the Kiwanis has been making my resources count.

The Kiwanis Club of Vidalia has put service at the top of the list and this is quickly apparent in the many functions and fundraisers that we organize. The Fall Fair, the Onion Run, the Talent Showcase, Poinsetta Sales and many smaller projects keep us busy year round and provide numerous scholarships, donations and services to our community.

Time is wasted unless it is made to count. Whether for yourself or someone else, the Kiwanis Club accomplishes both of these simultaneously. We give our time and our life for our fellow citizens and friends. Through service all things are accomplished, so get involved.

Sincerely Yours,

Larry Atkins
Past President